In Brest, France, the coldest 30. August for 80 years, +5,8°C (42°F)

Long-ahead announced coldwave at the end of August 2020 finally has brought over some parts of Europe record-breaking temperatures.

In the UK, the coldest day at the end of summer has occurred at the weekend /, with maximum temperatures only +9°C in lower areas of Scotland and cold Arctic air gradually arrived over France and Spain, too.

In Brest, northwestern France, with strongly oceanic climate, on Sunday, 30. August in very dry Arctic air with Greenlands origin, temperature has dropped record low.

+5,8°C was enough to overcoming of all-time 30.August temperatures in the city, for last 80 years /;

Previous records has occurred only during past 10 years – on 30. August 2018 was measured +6,4°C and on 30. August 2011 +6,6°C.

A fact, that all 3 coldest years within last 80 years has occurred during last decade could be linked with Arctic Amplification and Atmospheric blocking linked with climate change. Arctic air during these situations flows more southward such as in the past, in contrary with overall global warming trend. While over Arctic is extremely hot, cold Arctic air floods moderate climate zones with similarly temperature extremes such as in Brest, 30. August 2020.


Fresh mornings 1.-2. September 2020 over large parts of Europe /

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Author: marekkucera
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