Indian summer: Austria +24,2°C, Hungary +21,1°C, Slovakia +20,2°C, Czechia +19,3°C

Indian summer has come into east-Central Europe too, with overcoming of more than 100-year temperature records regionally.

Extremely warm weather is coming after series of summer days in Spain (Moron de la Frontera, Monday +29,8°C), France (Biarritz, Sunday +27,8°C / and almost summer day in Germany (Bad Dürkheim in Rheinland-Pfalz, +24,0°C /

Mkweather forecast appears successful / and in many parts of East-Central Europe has been measured unseasonably high maximum temperatures, too

However, big differences between regions with all-day sun rays and all-day fogs or low cloudiness have been observed on Tuesday, 3. November.

In places with sunshine, temperatures has reached rarely almost +25°C on Monday – in Austria, Dornbirn, has been even warmer than in Germany, +24,2°C.

In Hungary, Slovakia and Czechia has been warmest on Tuesday, but with a big regional temperature differences between foggy and sunny region. In Nagyenisza, Hungary has been measured +21,1°C, in Moravský Svätý Ján, Slovakia, +20,2°C and in Prague, Czechia +19,3°C.

Maximum temperature in places with all-day fogs has reached rarely below +10°C.

Very warm air is now shifting above Eastern Europe, Balkan and Turkey, with possible record-breaking temperatures during next days.

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