Indian summer in Canada in December: Azure, Alberta +18,9°C

Forecasted extremely high temperatures are here and southern Canada experiences with really warm winter period, with maximum temperatures almost +20°C / 68°F!

Moreover, next anomalously warm days are in outlook not only in Canada /, but too in northern USA / during the first half of incoming week (until Wednesday/Thursday, 9.-10. December 2020).

After temperatures above +18°C in Quebec and Alberta from Wednesday and Thursday, 2.-3. December, has arrived even warmer day - on Saturday, 5. December 2020 has warmed up to +18,9°C in Azure, Alberta.

Extremely warm air is flowing above Canada on the front side of monster cyclonic system over Northern Pacific and soon Alaska / and extreme warm spell is expected over Canada minimally until Thursday, 10. December, with temperature anomalies regionally up to +30°F / 54°F above seasonal average and possible overcoming of a magic threshold +20°C / 68°F already during next days.

These temperatures should remind Indian summer in Canadian Prairies next days, but stay dressed warm and not underrate sharp winter sun.

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T850 hPa anomaly forecasted from Sunday to Thursday, 6.-10. December 2020 /

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