Record rainfall in Alaska: Dangerous floods and landslides – Next Triple-cyclone is coming from Pacific

Alaskan coast is bothered by severe rain- and snowstorms in early winter 2020/2021.

Firstly, extreme amounts of 48-hour precipitation dropped in southeastern coast of Alaska on 1. and 2. December 2020 – up to 9.75 inches / 248 mm (, then a monster cyclonic system is moving towards Alaskan coast, with next extreme rainfall, up to 15 inches / next 48 hours (Sunday and Monday, 6.-7. December 2020).

Heavy rains in first 2 December days caused a large landslide on the coast in Haines – 4 people has been found and 2 are still missing.

Over northern Pacific, trio of cyclones such a monsterstorm are moving above Alaska and next floods and landslides are during next week possible.

Thanks to La nina and PNA+ phase, bomb cyclogenesis will be during winter 2020/2021 very frequent in the region, with significant cooling effect of northwestern parts of Northern America- mainly Alaska, Yukon and British Columbia, but too Northwestern Territories, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Mkweather Winter 2020/2021 forecast for the USA and Canada (and Europe, too) you will find on /, La nina seasonal outlook on /, NOAA winter and December forecast reviews on /;


Source:; NOAA

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