Jelení u Mostu, Czechia -32,1°C

Extreme Siberian frosts are continuing and in many regions of Central Europe was measured the lowest temperatures of ongoing winter, or long-term temperature records have fallen.

In Jelení u Mostu, Czechia, above 800 MASL (populated region) minimum temperature on Sunday, 14. February 2021 dropped to -32,1°C, what is the lowest temperature of ongoing winter.

Rokytská slať reported -30,6°C, Březník -29,9°C, Jezerní slať -29,8°C. From metropolitan cities or main meteorological stations – Doksany -19,4°C, Karlovy Vary -19,3°C, Cheb -18,3°C, Praha-Ruzyně -15,9°C or Brno -12,1°C /

According to our newest “relative humidity as predictor” forecast, extreme frosts should hit in Czechia on Monday, 15. February 2021. yet, still with rare possibility of temperatures up to -35°C in lower situated basins and valleys /

Important factors for declining of temperatures are mainly extremely low relative humidity and high snow cover / and important circulation factors are mainly peaking La nina / and extreme strong negative phase of Arctic Oscillation /

Energy prices have increased during last days, extreme winter is associated with many traffic accidents, health problems /e.g. and many dead animals, too.

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Author: marekkucera
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