Johvi, Estonia: -30,1°C, extreme winter has shifted above Baltic region

-30,1°C in Estonia (Johvi), -27,4°C in Latvia (Daugavpils) and -26,2°C in Lithuania (Utena) are minimum temperatures from Baltic states from Thursday and Friday, 18.-19. February 2021.

In northern area of the region, February 2021 coldwave was colder such as in January 2021 while in southern area, colder times were measured in January.

Extreme winter was reported from Sweden (-37,0°C, Nikkaluokta) and Finland (-35,8°C, Kuhmo Kalliojoki), too, Poland, Belarus and Ukraine stopped around -22°C, but during previous days, Belarus and Ukraine reported up to -27°C, both.

Series of extreme frosts in eastern parts of Europe is coming after extreme cold period in continental and western Europe, when was gradually measured -23,0°C in the UK /, -16,2°C in the Netherlands /, -16,4°C in France /, -28,9°C in Germany in lower situated regions and -39,1°C in the mountains /, -44,4°C in the Alps in Switzerland /, -39,7°C in Dolina di Campoluzzo, Italy, -32,1°C in Czechia /, -26,9°C in Slovakia /, -35,5°C in Hungary /, -20,5°C in Serbia / or -25,1°C in Greece /

Easternmost parts of Europe are waiting extreme frosts at the weekend and northern Scandinavia next workweek, yet, then extremely warm, but shorter spring period will come, mainly to continental Europe /

In Scandinavia and eastern half of Europe, extremely cold, in Scandinavia and eastern Europe Siberian winter, should return during the first half of March 2021 /updates in the next series of articles/.

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