July 2021 should start with historic heatwaves, GFS surprised with +46°C possibility in France

Already in last articles we have warned before extreme heatwaves in June 2021, which hit / hits Europe these days /Heatwave will be stronger as was forecasted and extremely deadly! Mediterranean +50°C, Balkan +44°C, Central Europe +38°C, Scandinavia +34°C - mkweather; Aggressive +40°C heatwaves for Germany! +36°C for Sweden, +38°C for Poland, Italy and Balkan totally grilled, +44/+48°C! - mkweather/.

This round of heatwaves hit Europe already in next days, with peak in continental Europe from Wednesday, 16. June to Tuesday, 22. June 2021.

Extreme heatwave will be subsequently replaced by severe storms on cold front /Round of severe storms hits Europe between 16.-22. June 2021 - mkweather - storm forecast will be updated soon/.

During the third decade of June 2021, gradually colder and stormy weather is temporarily forecasted, but there are the first signals, that at the end of June 2021 and at the start of July 2021 will arise above Europe the next, even more extreme heatwave, according to current outputs GFS, with possibility of +46°C (+43 + 3°C such as an estimate of national TOP) temperatures in France, what is a level of historic heatwaves from June 2019 (note: national record +46,0°C was in 2019 measured).

Extreme temperatures up to +46°C are forecasted for the Spain (and Portugal) and +44°C should appear not in southern, but in central and northern parts of Italy (in the south, around +48°C, maybe more is later possible).

Forecasts, when peak of this heatwave will come into Central Europe, British Islands, Scandinavia, Balkan and Eastern Europe aren´t on outputs GFS available, yet, but it should be 40°C-temperatures across continental parts of Europe from northern France to Ukraine and more than +45°C in Balkan and more than +37°C in Scandinavia or England, if heatwave will have classic path of movement and will be realized the hottest scenarios.

Maybe it´s only preliminary warning and forecasts will be milder soon, but it appears, that heatwaves in July 2021 will be very strong, according to ECMWF /July 2021 should bring heatwaves to Europe, hot forecasts are leading now - mkweather/.

Summer 2021 therefore will be hot and colder times will be limited mainly in its NW parts and maybe in August, thanks to strong Atlantic hurricane season 2021. After Summer 2021 is forecasted cold Autumn 2021 and Winter 2021/2022 with relatively good chances for Arctic and Siberian outbreaks across Northern Hemisphere /*** First forecast for Winter 2021/2022: Weaker La nina such as in 2020/2021, but still big hopes for extreme coldwaves *** - mkweather/.

Source: https://www.wetterzentrale.de/

Source: wcharts.com

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