Kraderica, Slovenia: 510 cm of snow, the highest amount in January in all-time history

Only in last series articles, Mkweather brought dramatic scenes from village in Albanian mountains, which is buried under 4 meters of snow /

Extreme snowy conditions, however, are reported from almost all west part of Balkanian Paninsula, from Greece to Slovenia.

According to the newest measurements, Kraderica, Slovenia (2514 MASL) reports the most extreme January in history (minimally since 1961 – ECAD records), with 510 cm of snow.

Famous church on Kraderica is still not fully buried under the snow, because duing the spirng months, snow cover is reaching sometimes unbelievable 6 – 7 meters.

Absolute record from 22. April 2001 is 700 cm of snow.

Snow in the mountains is often litmus paper of power of winters, therefore, we should expect, that Winter 2020/2021 will be in many parts of Europe considered for one of the best winters after year 2000.

Any temperature inversions, many cold Siberian blasts and heavy snowfall thanks to moisture from Adriatic are main reasons of extreme snowfall such this.

A cold Feburary 2021, warmer March, but possible colder April 2021 is thanks to NAO index estimates expected, therefore, absolute record 7 meters from 2001 should be in Kraderica threaten in 2021.

According to the newest outputs, forecasted Siberian cold blast in Feburary 2021 should hit northern parts of Balkan, and Alpine region, too and in contact with warm and humid air from the south, additional snowfall is very possible already in next weeks.

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