Marienberg-Kühnhaide, Germany: -27,0°C, Funtensee -40°C only on Sunday

Germanian frost basins finally haven´t been so extremely cold such these Italian during last days – on Saturday, 13. February 2021 minimum temperature in Funtensee dropped only to -34,5°C, while Italian Dolina de Campoluzzo reported -40,0°C /, or Folldal Fredheim in southern Norway below -38°C /

However, in densely populated regions in Germany is still extremely cold – on Saturday was almost so cold such as on Wednesday (-27,0°C on Saturday and -27,1°C on Wednesday in lowlands and basins). -27,0°C was reached in Marienberg-Kühnhaide in Erzgebirge /, while according to updated information from Germany, -40°C is still possible in Funtensee on Sunday.

Extremely cold weather is persisting in Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg too – with minimum temperatures sinc Wednesday up to -15°C, in mid-workweek up to -17°C /

Sunday´s morning should in Benelux surprise with even lower temperatures, then warmer air finally floods the region from the west early next week.

The coldest times since 2012 are reported from northern France, too /, in the UK, historic frosts hit mainly during workweek /;

Frosts in east-Central Europe were for now the strongest in Hungary /new all-time national record: and Czechia /

Important factors for declining of temperatures are mainly extremely low relative humidity and high snow cover / and important circulation factors are mainly peaking La nina / and extreme strong negative phase of Arctic Oscillation /

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