Meghalaya waterfall in Cherrapunji, India, after extreme rainfall, India after next extreme monsoon rains (Mumbai 4th highest 24-hour rainfall ever)

While west coast was influenced by tropical wave from Arabian sea, east and north parts of India hit remnants of typhoon Noul last week. All India has experienced with extreme monsoon again.

The Mumbai seeing its highest August rainfall since 1983 (1240 mm) and the second-highest since 1958 (1,254 mm). It is more than double of 585 mm average rainfall in the month. In July, the city experienced with its highest monthly rains ever, from 1944 (1,474 mm). /

September 2020 continues in extreme monsoon trend in 2020. The Santacruz observatory, Mumbai recorded 286.4 mm rainfall during the 24-hour period untill 8.30 AM on Wednesday. Mumbai received its second-highest rainfall in 24 hours in the month of September since 1994 and the fourth-highest rainfall between 1974 to 2020 ever.

Southerly from Mumbai, in Karnataka, dropped 449 mm of rain / 24 hours on 19.-20. September 2020 from the tropical wave.

Massive raining Megalaya hills turned to extreme water falls after extreme rainfal from ex-typhoon Noul in Cherrapunji region, last week.

With severe floods has fought Bangladesh and Nepal, too. In Bangladesh, regionally has dropped around 700 mm of rain per week, Nepal reported deadly landslides and more than 300 mm of rain in southern regions between 22.-25. September 2020.

DHM reported that Pokhara in Gandaki Pradesh Province in central Nepal has already broken the yearly rainfall record, 5,097.3 mm of rain from 1. January to 21. September, 2020, beating the previous record set in 1998 (4,879 mm of rain from 1. January to 31. December) according

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) classifies 15.6-64.4 mm as moderate, 64.5-115.5 mm rain as heavy, 115.6-204.4 mm as very heavy, over 204.5 mm as extremely heavy, and over 300 mm as exceptionally heavy according

Floods and landslides in September has caused tens of dead across Southern Asia. Next heavy rainfall is expected in southern India, east coast of India, Bangladesh, SE India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam until 14. October 2020.

Muzaffarpur district, Bihar, Source:
Mumbai, Source:
Mumbai, Source:
Rainfall in Karnataka, India, 19.-20.9.2020 (between Kerala and Mumbai), Source:
Nepal rainfal from remnants of typhoon Noul, 22.-25.9.2020, Source:
Accumulated rainfall in Southern Asia until 14. October 2020 /
Accumulated rainfall in Southeastern Asia until 14. October 2020 /
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