Mexico and Southwest with monsoon and floods, Northwest and SW Canada the next heat dome, Lytton +41,4°C, California with wildfires after storms

Everything reversely!

While western Canada and the northeastern USA are suffering the next extreme summer heatwave, southwestern USA and Mexico, such as parts of California hit summer monsoon, which is bringing floods.

In Lytton, western Canada, the maximum temperature reached again extremely high values, up to +41,4°C, while in California heatwave is combined with storms with lighting, which are initiating the next dangerous wildfires. 

More eastward – in Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, or New Mexico, a wave of serious floods appeared in the last days.

Severe floods due to persisting monsoon are reported from parts of Mexico, too, the worst from Sonora

Heat dome above wider Vancouver region is forecasted to persist until 4. August 2021, but then, between 9.-16. August, the next long-term heat dome is forecasted for the same region, with the next possible surprising temperatures. 

Severe storms are forecasted along the southeastern coast in the next 16 days, too. 





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Author: marekkucera
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