New York: 17.3 inches /43 cm of snow, 6/10 the biggest snowstorms after year 2000

Last snowstorm in New York City with 17.3 inches / 43 cm inches of snow was the strongest since 2016 (for 5 years), when city hit historic superstorm, which brought 27.5 inches / 70 cm of snow.

The New York Times investigated, that 6/10 superstorms since 1869 have appeared since year 2000. Its clear manifest of climate change – winter air over continents contains more humidity than in previous centuries, moreover, pressure systems persist in one region longer than in the past.

In some close states of the New York, e.g. in New Jersey, current blizzard was the strongest in history – e.g. in Mount Arlington fell 35.1 inches / 89 cm of snow what is more than in Rutherford in Bergen County in April 1915, where fell 32 inches / 81 cm.

Currently, the USA is preparing for superpeak of winter – in Northern Plains should windchill reach -70°F / -57°C and in Central Canada -90F / -68°C /

In northern third of the USA, next heavy snowfall is during the next period possible, extreme frosts will come on the back side of jet-stream from Rocky Mountains/Northern Plains above eastern half of the USA.

In several US states are expected the coldest conditions of current Winter 2020/2021, with possibility of the strongest winter for years, regionally.

Snow and frosts are forecasted for Gulf Coast region, too.

The coldest conditions are forecasted between Friday and Monday, 5.-8. Feburary 2021 /map with temperature anomalies in tweet below/.

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