New Zealand: 733 mm / 48 hours, some regions with the worst floods in history

Exceptional amounts of rain in the West Coast of NewZealand brought in the middle of July (around 16.-17. July 2021) up to 733 mm in Tuke Hut (Tuke River) and 732 mm in Cropp River Waterfall only in 48 hours!

On 17.-18. July (last weekend) were reported severe floods from Marlborough, too, where above 300 mm fell in 48 hours and the city on West Coast of Southern Island reported devastating floods. The District of Marlborough has declared a state of emergency.

Onamalutu recorded 212mm of rain in 24 hours on 17 July, Tunakino Valley recorded 103.5 mm on 16. July.

Marlborough floods were its largest-ever recorded flood in history.

New Zealanders can no longer rely on flood protection barriers in the face of heavier rains according to experts, after these exceptional floods.

Only in May 2021, near a similar flood event, 1086 mm / 48 hours - a new record rainfall for New Zealand, fell in floods in Canterbury.

According to xcharts tool, the next heavy rainfall around 300 mm is forecasted for western coast of South Island until 6. August 2021 and New Zealand stays relatively far from extremely cold Antarctic air masses in the next 16 days.

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