Next medicane hits Italy (and Adriatic) after Lanos and flooding remnants of Alpha next 48 hours?

After 2 severe weather events, next flooding cyclone with marks of medicane hit Italy (and western Balkan) on Sunday and Monday, 27.-28. September 2020.

Firstly, medicane Lanos hit Italy in the middle of September 2020, with flooding impact in Cagliari, Sardegna and then parts of southern Italy – mainly eastern Sicily, Calabria and Malta /; Powerful Mediterranean storm brought floods and heavy rain to Barcelona, Mallorca, southern France, Algeria and Tunisia too and situation peaked with medicane with hurricane-force winds and extreme rainfall and floods in Greece /

Simultaneously with medicane Lanos, tropical storm Alpha hit Portugal, Spain and France / before 20. September and early this week, remnants of the tropical system has shifted over Italy and Balkan, with next severe stroms and flooding /videos below/.

Finally, from Sunday to Monday, next medicane is possible over Corsica (France), Italy, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania, with possible marginal impact even in Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Austria or Slovakia.

Severe storms hit next 48 hours large parts of Italy and Adriatic coast with predicted rainfall of up to 128 mm and wind gusts 104 km/h (real data from regions with the highest impact of the system will be probably even higher). The strongest storms are expected in Sardegna, West-Central and West-Southern Italy, northern Albania, Montenegro, southern Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia coast. Line of severe storms should stretch up to Vienna.

Storms and winds should be locally life-threating and tornadoes can occur, too. Late vacations in Italy and Croatia, therefore will be very unavailing.

Total Accumulated Precpitation and Peak Wind Gust in Southern Europe from Sunday to Tuesday, 27.-29.9.2020 /

Occurred extremes in Italy region (mainly from remnants of ex-tropical storm Alpha) according to ESWD last 7 days /


Predicted medicane-possible rainfall from Sunday to Monday 27.-28.9.2020 in Italy and Western Balkan /

Floods caused by remnants of tropical storm Alpha early current week:
Source: Jurnal de Vreme, FB

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