November heatwave in the USA: New York next two summer days with +25,0°C / 77°F

After tropical Saturday, 7. November, in Nebraska (North Platte +30,6°C / 87.1°F / and almost summer day in New York / are coming extremely hot November days to Northeast, with real summer temperatures up to +25,0°C / 77°F in New York City on Sunday and Monday 8.-9. November 2020.

Extremely warm, +24,8°C / 76.6°F has been measured on Monday in Borden, Ontario, Canada and summer +25,0°C / 77°F has reported e.g. Erie in Pensylvania, too.

Lot of metropolitan cities in the USA and Canada has reported really warm November day with temperature maximum 68 – 77°F / 20 – 25°C on Monday.

In the USA, Atlantic City, Buffalo, Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit and Indianapolis has reported +23,9°C / 75°F, Pittsburgh +23,3°C / 73.9°F, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. +22,8°C / 73°F, Sioux Falls 21,1°C / 70°F and Minneapolis +20,6°C / 69.1°F.

In Canada, London and Ottawa has reported +21,5°C / 70,7°F, Toronto +20,1°C / 68.8°C or Montreal +19,7°C / 67.5°F.

In many places has been overcame long-term temperature records for this season, regionally by more than 3°C.

Extremely warm weather in the region stays until Thursday, 13. November 2020, then will come cold air linked with severe cold blast in western, central and northern USA.


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Author: marekkucera
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