November outlook for the USA from NOAA

Weather in November 2020 will copy usual La-nina, AO+ and NAO+ patterns behavior during winter season.

La-nina is linked in winter season with lot of precipitation in Northwest and northern USA and sometimes too northern Midwest and Northern Plains.

During La-nina, southern half of the USA is very warm and dry, while Canada and partly northern USA have cold conditions. Warm and dry is during La-nina Northeast, too.

AO+ and NAO+ are linked with more northward stormtracks of a systems, therefore, typical La-nina pattern should be shifted more northward.

Maps below from NOAA regularly update Weather Nation, too - according to services, temperature and precipitation patterns copy above mentioned features of circulation:

  • warm, mainly in south, but too in Northeast
  • near temperature average in North / Northwest / Northern Plains
  • more precipitation (rain / snow) in Northwest / North
  • very dry south, drought in Southwest
  • warm and drier in Northeast

Infographics: NOAA, Weather Nation:

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