Omaha, Nebraska, the highest snowfall / 24 hours in 56 years, 30 cm / 14 inches

After F2 tornado in Alabama / and the coldest afternoon from Phoenix since 1937 /, one extreme event from the USA from this week, yet.

Blizzard, which later hit other parts of Midwest, Mid-Atlantic and Southeast, left in Omaha record amounts of snowfall.

From Monday to Tuesday, 25.-26. January 2021, in the city in Nebraska fell 30.2 / 14 inches of snow for 24 hours, what is the highest single-day snowfall in 56 years!

Wave of extremely cold weather gradually hit southern parts of the USA, too /, with snowing not only in Southeast, but too in Southwest (California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico), including desert or metropolitan areas.

Next wave of cold weather is expected to hit parts of the USA gradually between 5.-20. February 2021 – firstly the West and Central USA.

Snow is currently not present only in region from Texas to Florida, North Carolina, Kentucky and southern Missouri, northern and western half of the USA experiences with good winter conditions.

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Author: marekkucera
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