Oymyakon: The lowest temperature since 2002 (!) -57,2°C / -71°F in monstrous pressure high 1076 hPa!

If you are not satisfied with winter conditions in Europe or North America now, which are relatively good thanks to ongoing atmospheric blocking, NAO- phase and SSW (Sudden Stratospheric Warming), you have to try extreme winter conditions, which currently hit Siberia and Eastern Asia!

According to detailed survey of weather history data in Oymyakon, Pole of Cold in Northern Hemisphere /https://www.meteoblue.com/en/weather/historyclimate/weatherarchive/oymyakon_russia_2122311/, Mkweather have found a shocking fact - temperature minimum from 28. December 2020 in Oymyakon, -57,2°C was the lowest temperature in station since 3. February 2002!

Oymyakon therefore experiences with the strongest coldwave for 18 years and it is very possible, that this anomalous coldwave, caused by extreme blocking pattern from North Atlantic to Far East /https://mkweather.com/2020/12/24/a-peak-of-winter-2020-2021-in-europe-is-coming-blocking-situation-and-nao-until-24-january-2021-expected-then-strong-nao-until-the-end-of-winter-2020-2021/; https://mkweather.com/2020/12/22/january-2021-forecast-for-the-world-from-ecmwf// is bringing these days the coldest conditions in Northern Hemisphere for 18 years, too and one from the coldest moments in Nothern Hemisphere in 3rd millennium (!!!).

In February 2002, really anomalous coldwave hit Oymyakon, with minimum temperatures up to -62,7°C /http://ogimet.com/cgi-bin/gsynres?ind=24688&ano=2002&mes=2&day=11&hora=22&min=0&ndays=30/.

Absolute temperature record of minimum temperature in Oymyakon, if we consider for valid modern measures, is -67,7°C from 6. Feburary 1933.

Now, anomalous coldwave is here already in late December 2020, moreover, extreme cold air is developing in abnormally high pressure, forecasted of 1076 hPa during next days!

Record of maximum pressure within Siberian high influence is 1083,8 hPa from 15. January 1885, therefore, these conditions are really extremely rare and historic.

Extreme coldwave will be persisting in Siberia next 3 days yet, with possible even lower temperatures, reaching -60°C locally and then, extreme cold air will shift over China, North and South Korea and Japan, with the most powerful cold blast of the winter season 2020/2021 /about measured temperatures Mkweather will inform soon/.

Moreover, American meteorologists and climatologists expect, that extremely cold air will shift above parts of Canada and USA soon and extreme winter weather should hit maybe not only colder parts of the continent.

On 28. December, Siberian air hit a Scandinavia, too - in Norway has been measured only -43,3°C, what will be a topic of the next article on Mkweather.

2m temperature on 24. December 2020. / Source: tweets below
Expected air pressure on 30. December 2020 in the region. / Source: tweets below

Forecasted conditions - extreme blocking high over Siberia during next 2 weeks (28.12.2020-4.1.2021 and 4.1.-11.1.2021) - up air pressure anomaly, below temperature anomaly /ECMWF

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