Paraguay after severe floods, 10 people have died

In the last article we have mentioned, that southern half of Southern America expects relatively drier period in February 2021 /

However, January 2021 and the start of February were in central parts of Southern America extremely rainy and stormy, regionally, with deadly floods, e.g. in Paraguay.

In central parts of the country has fallen more than 500 mm of precipitation as long-term January average, what was associated with extreme waves of floods, which bothered mainly central and southern country (river Parana flows towards the south).

From these regions, 10 died is reported and many videos from disastrous floods have appeared on Twitter or Youtube.

During the next periods, heavy rains will shift northward, above Amazon, Peru, Ecuador and southern Colombia, according to 16-day forecasts.

Weather in South America is strongly asociated with very strong La nina in the Summer 2020/2021 – more often are colder and rainy / stormy conditions, however, in Argentina and Chile, historic heatwaves or wildfires have appeared.

Colder weather with tropical activity persists in Australia and southern parts of Africa, too, only New Zealand is similarly such as Argentina and Chile temporarily very hot (during the summer).

Brazil reports many flood events from the south to the north, in Venezuela and Colombia are colder with many precipitation.

La nina starts to weaken these weeks, but impact of its peak in the middle of the winter / summer there will be several months yet, in form of colder conditions during th Spring 2021 / Autumn 2021 across the world. Still isn´t fully clear, if in the summer or autumn comes El nino or not.

Infographics: Dirección de Meteorología e Hidrologia,, Twitter, Youtube

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