Chile and Patagonia after heatwave, +41,5°C / +38,2°C

Despite of the coldest planet for last 7 years and despite of La nina /;, one of the hottest days in history hit Chile and new temperature records were overcame in Patagonia, again.

In Negrete, Chile, was measured +41,5°C, it is still far from +44,9°C from Quillión, 26. January 2017, but regionally were reached one of the highest temperatures in history.

Only 2 weeks after all-time temperature records in Patagonia /, next temperatre records have occurred in colder parts of the region - El Bolson reported +38,2°C (a new absolute temperature record), Rio Negro +37,5°C (a new absolute temperature record) and Esquel +35,0°C (the second highest temperature in history).

In Chile, heatwave will stay a few days yet, in Patagonia will be hot until the end of current week.

February 2021 will be in southern half of Southern America relatively dry, with possible storms, the strongest rains and storms are predicted for Brazil, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

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16-day precipitation forecast for Southern America /

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