Phoenix after 110 days with rain, next precipitation around Silvester

Meteorological services from the USA last week have informed, that severe drought in southern USA has been interrupted by first rains for last 4 months (110 days) in Phoenix, Arizona.

From Wednesday to Thursday, 9.-10. December 2020, dropped together 11,5 mm / 0.45 inches and after rain, a strong cooldown has arrived.

While on Thursday, 10. December, maximum temperature in Phoenix reached +25,0°C / 68°F, on Monday, 14. December it was only +15,6°C and in Tuesday morning, minimum temperature has dropped to +3,9°C near clear skies and clam wind, with possible the first ground frost of a winter season 2020/2021.

Warm and dry weather will gradually return and without-rain weather is expected almost until the end of the year 2020 in Phoenix.

Next rains and storms are in the region expected around Silvester and New Year 2020/2021.

Hot and dry weather in southern USA is typical for La nina phase during the winter season /;;;


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16-day precipitation forecast for the USA /

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