Remnants of Hurricane Elsa are moving towards New York and Greenland, East Coast expect floods and severe winds

After Ex-hurricane Elsa hit Florida on Wednesday, 7. July 2021, fortunately, no fatalities have been reported.

However, the arrival of a powerful storm system was accompanied by wind gusts up to 126 km/h / 78 mph in Bouy of Cape Coral and rainfall totals up to 9 inches / 230 mm in Western Florida.

Some cities in Western Florida ended flooded, strong winds uprooted many trees, thousands of households were without power outages. Floodwater and fallen trees caused lesser damages, such as during strong hurricanes.

The system is shifting northward - northeastward towards New York and then their remnants will shift somewhere to southern Greenland.

Along East Coast in Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and easternmost Canada, still regional floods or strong winds will threaten millions of people across the most populated parts of the USA.

According to AccuWeather, wind gusts 40 - 70 mph / 65 - 115 km/h are still along the coast possible, and heavy rainfall 25 - 100 mm is forecasted.

The system, therefore, should still make higher damages or cause local fatalities, therefore if you live on the eastern coast of the USA and Canada, watch current warnings and advisories.

In Cuba or Jamaica, the system was very strong - 180 000 people in Cuba were evacuated and minimally 3 people in the Caribbean were killed. Barbados was hit by a hurricane for the first time after decades /

An Atlantic hurricane season 2021 is entering into its wildest phase, soon, Mkweather will be near it.

Source: NOAA
Source: AccuWeather

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