Tropical depression 97W Invest hit Hainan, China, and northern Vietnam

Only in one of the previous articles, we informed about a tropical threat for Taiwan, China, Korea, and Japan /

In the next articles, we noticed deadly mudslide and rainfall records in Japan and heatwave in Thailand /;

Now, we should look at another tropical threat in Eastern - Southeastern Asia.

Tropical depression 97W Invest is bringing heavy rainfall in southeastern China and northern Vietnam, with a significant risk of floods and landslides.

In Sanya, Hainan Island, China 342 mm of rain fell in the last 48 hours (Tuesday and Wednesday, 6.-7. July 2021) and extreme high rainfall totals are reported from other regions of the island or even from neighboring continental China.

In Rach Gia, northern Vietnam, 213 mm of rain fell during the same period and the next rainfall is forecasted, yet. In Nam Dinh, 138 mm fell only in the last 24 hours, in Phu Quoc 181 mm / 48 hours, and in Tho Chu 113 mm / 48 hours on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The system is forecasted to move farther above Laos, southeastern China, and northern Myanmar in the next few days, with the next possible heavy rainfall from remnants of the system.

If you live in the region or have a vacation, watch current forecasts and advisories.

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