Romania -23,2°C (and bears climbing on the gate), Serbia, -18,9°C, Plitvice waterfalls in Croatia frozen,…Winter in Balkan!

In lower situated basins and valleys in Balkan, temperatures was reaching -15 / -25°C during last mornings.

The coldest temperatures were reported from stations within International Exchange site from Miercurea Ciuc, Romania, -23,2°C, Kozani, Greece, -19,3°C / and Sjenica, Serbia, -18,9°C.

In lowlands in Moldova (Belcy) was measured -21,0°C, higher situated mounatainus station around 1700 MASL, Mourgash in Bulgaria reported -17,7°C, Ratce in Slovenia -17,4°C, Bitola in Northern Macedonia -15,7°C, Korca in Albania, -13,0°C or Gospic in Croatia, -11,8°C.

Winter weather has brought into Balkan many winter sceneries, from which the most interesting are bears climbing on the gate in Romanian city and frozen waterfalls Plitvice in Croatia.

Extreme coldwave is now shifting from Central Europe and Balkan into Eastern Europe and Turkey, where frosts below -30°C, in northern European Russia below -40°C are expected.

From lower situated regions in Central Europe and Balkan, the strongest frosts were measured in eastern Poland on Tuesday morning, only -29,7°C / Last week, -28,0°C was measured in France / Switzerland / and previous weekend extreme –35,8°C in the Spain / From the lowest temperatures in other regions, -31,0°C was measured in Latvia / or -43,4°C in Norway and -41,1°C in Finland during last period /

Extreme frosts in Europe are only regional anomaly associated with extreme planetary circulation since the end of December 2020, when Northern Hemisphere have reported many temperature, snowfall or air pressure records /

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