Scandalous GFS outputs which should overwrite history! One of the coldest days for the last 100 years!!!

In series of last articles, Mkweather has tried to warn before excessive Siberian cold blast in Europe, Asia, North America and northern Africa, which will be result of a total broken circulation on the Earth (before a few days were measured the highest and the lowest pressure in the middle of Siberian high – 1094,3 hPa and (extratropical) Aleutian low – 921 hPa in history) /;

While continents already have reported the strongest seasonal frosts since 1978 – 2002 (Oymyakon -57,5°C, the strongest frost since 2002, Norway -43,3°C, the strongest December frosts since 2001, Finland -41,1°C, the strongest December frosts since 1995, Japan -32,6°C, the strongest December frosts ever, Beijing -26,0°C, the strongest December frosts since 1978 and Beijing right now – expected the strongest frosts in 3rd millennium:;;;;, peak of the Winter 2020/2021 is thanks to abnormally strong SSW (Sudden Stratospheric Warming) only before us – during upcoming weeks, in January 2021.

In last articles, Mkweather have warned before expected historic, or only “very extreme” frosts in Europe, Asia and North America /;;;, but what was the result of outputs of run of GFS model from 6. January 18Z, is a totally scandalous!

GFS in its last run expects the coldest outputs for last 10 days, with abnormally cold weather across Europe, with emphasis to continental Europe, where according to these outputs -35°C frosts are possible.

In last article, Mkweather mentioned -35,6°C in Oravská Lesná, Slovakia, Carpathians in 2017 – possible the lowest temperature in Carpathian region after 2000. GFS outputs before this coldwave were very similar to current outputs, therefore, we should predict, that it should be the coldest days in this millennium, in parts of eastern, northern, central Europe, but too in parts of southern or western Europe.

To Scandinavia, possibilities of temperatures very close to -50°C have returned, European Russia should overcome -50°C and Ukraine should reach -40°C in these conditions.

In central Europe, temperatures deep below -30°C should surprise in circulation like this, extreme frosts very close to -30°C should be measured in valleys in Germany or France, too.

Siberian cold blast like this should overwrite not only millennial, but regionally too 50-, 100-year or all-time cold temperature records!

If extreme winter conditions will be confirming during the following days, Siberian winter will surprise many.

Conditions in chosen regions near chosen types of weather should be from relative light in British Islands or Greece islands, up to almost unsurvivable in parts of northern and eastern Europe, therefore stay safe and watch current evolution of extreme GFS outputs with Mkweather.


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Author: marekkucera
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