Severe floods hit Izmir (92 mm) and Antalya (321 mm), Turkey

Mediterranean storm activity is continuing this week too and outlook is surprisingly NAO- / AO- until a New Year, what should cause next problems in Mediterranean countries.

From Monday to Tuesday, 13.-14. December 2020, heavy rains hit Turkey, mainly western and southern provinces, with recorded floods in Izmir and Antalya regions.

In Izmir dropped 92 mm / 48 hours of rain, but 147 mm / 24 hours in Urla, Izmir province. In Dereköy in Menderes district, 2 people were killed.

Antalya reported severe storms little later, but with precipitation amounts 321 mm / 48 hours.

Videos from devastating floods from Turkey from Youtube are below.

Until the end of the year 2020, next several Mediterranean storm systems with zonal stormtracks are expected in Mediterranean - AO index will have second, unexpected peak of decline around a Christmas and NAO stays below 0 until the New Year, too, therefore, colder character in moderate climate zone and stormy in subtropical and northern tropical latitudes should continue.

About next possible floods in Mediterranean Mkweather will inform during next weeks. One of the next articles will pay attention to expected circulation during next weeks and a question, if and when should come transition to warm (in mid-latitudes, in Mediterranean cold thanks to cold nights), NAO+ / AO+ phase.



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