Severe floods hit Laos, Thailand up to 338, Vietnam up to 318 mm / 72 hours and flooded Shaoxing in China

Before an arrival of Tropical storm Koguma we have warned countries in southeastern Asia on 12. June 2021 /Tropical storm Koguma hit northern Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and neighboring China! – mkweather/.

Although, heavy rains and regional floods were reported from Vietnam, Thailand or southeastern China, too, the worst, catastrophic situation has appeared in Vang Vieng region, Laos.

Luang-Prabang, Laos, from 12. to 14. June reported accumulated 72 hour rainfal almost 210 mm and in some regions, it should fall twice more precipitation.

On video and pictures below we can see severe floods in the region, where floodwater reached levels almost up to roof.

In Tung Chang, Thailand, 332 mm / 72 h fell between 13.-15. June 2021 and in Vinh, Vietnam, 318 mm / 72 h between 11.-13. June 2021.

Only shortly before, 10. June 2021, flash floods hit city Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China (materials below), as a result monsoon rains in the region.

In the next 16-day period, heavy rainfall are expected mainly in coast of Myanmar, southeastern China and Taiwan, while typhoon activity is possible southward from Japan, shifting towards Japan coast.

According to ECWMF model /*** First forecast for Winter 2021/2022: Weaker La nina such as in 2020/2021, but still big hopes for extreme coldwaves *** – mkweather/, below average typhoon season, but above average cyclone and hurricane season is in 2021 forecasted.


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