Shimla, India: 66 cm (26 inches) of snow, the highest snow depth in 30 years!

While media are now focused mainly on deadly glacier avalanche in Himalayas, with result of 18 dead and 200 missing / and additional death toll from regional floods in southern regions of India, very interesting in relation with extreme winter conditions in Northern Hemisphere is extreme snowfall in northern regionsof India, too.

In Shimla, Himachal Pradesh capital (southward to southeastward from Kashmir), 1577 MASL, has fallen 66 cm (26 inches) of snow during last period and the city reports the strongest snowfall in last 30 years!

Only in January 2021 reported Srinagar, Kashmir, northwestern India, the coldest times since 1991 /

Anomalously cold Earth during La nina peaking during last weeks /; is bringing almost everywhere in Northern and Southern hemisphere both, severe coldwaves, in Northern Hemisphere moreover associated with extremely storng AO- phase / and Major SSW in last weeks /;

Train journey with Shimla Special Express Train should be very scenic these times, what do you think?

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Author: marekkucera
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