Siberia: The strongest frosts since 1996, up to -58,4°C!

Already in series of articles, Mkweather wrote abouut anomalous extreme Winter 2020/2021 in Siberia.

All began in late December, wher extreme Major SSW has started and above Mongolia was measured the highest air pressure in Earth´s history, 1094,3 hPa / and over northern Pacific the lowest extratropical air pressure in Earth´s history, 921 hPa /, what brought the coldest temperature in Oymyakon since 2002 (2 days with -57,2°C and 57,5°C:

Extreme winter has continue in January, too, and temperatures very quickly dropped below -55°C, again /;; and extreme Siberian air has shifted above all continents of Northern Hemisphere, with many all-time or very old broken temperature records / + e.g.;;;;

Last days, Mkweather informed about extreme frosts in Verkhoyansk, which have produced the 3rd strongest coldwave since 2000 /-58,1/ (!!!) / These, extremely cold Siberian air masses have shifted more southeastward last days and parts of Eastern Siberia and Far East report now really extreme weather conditions.

In parts of the coldest region of the world, e.g. in Zhigansk, are temperatures below -55°C the lowest since 1996 (for 25 years), other parts are already very close to -60°C (in Oymyakon lastly measured in 2002) – on Thursday, 21. January 2021 reports Yarolin -58,4°C, Habardino -57,8°C and on 20. January 2021, Selangocy reported -57,8°C.

For the region, there are unprecedented frosts after year 2000 and one of the coldest days in 3rd millennium, or even, the coldest days since 90s ever.

Extreme cold Siberian air is moreover forecasted to shift above parts of Europe (mainly north and east), with next possible extreme Siberian winter wave at the end of January or at the beginning of February 2021.

Predictions for the second possible peak of Siberian winter in Europe will be updated on Mkweather already in next series of articles.

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