Siberian winter in subequatorial Africa: South Sudan, Chad, Niger and Nigeria only around +20°C

Extremely cold Siberian air from Europe has shifted unexpectedly southward – almost up to equator!

Extraordinary temperature anomalies -10 – -20°C from long-term average have surprised at the end of workweek Sudan, South Sudan, Chad, Niger or even northern Nigeria!

Maximum temperatures regionally, e.g. in Sudan, South Sudan or northern Chad reached only anomalous +15/+20°C, in southern regions such as southern Chad, Niger or northern Nigeria was warmer, around +20/+25°C.

Bilma in Niger reached on Thursday, 18. February 2021 maximum temperature only +21,7°C with subsequent morning with possible ground frost with only +4,3°C.

Kano in northern Nigeria reported on Thursday maximum temperature only +23,5°C thanks to “Siberian” blast.

In Nekhel, Egypt /only 400 MASL/ was measured maximum temperature only +13,0°C and minimum +1,9°C with ground frost.

Obari, Libya /around 450 MASL/ reported +17,0°C and -0,9°C – a regular frost.

Turaif, Saudi Arabia /800 MASL/, reports on Friday, 19. February temperature minimum +2,0°C and maximum +9,0°C – in Middle East is snowing already from 600-800 MASL!

All is coming after extreme cold period in continental and western Europe, when was gradually measured -23,0°C in the UK /, -16,2°C in the Netherlands /, -16,4°C in France /, -28,9°C in Germany in lower situated regions and -39,1°C in the mountains /, -44,4°C in the Alps in Switzerland /, -39,7°C in Dolina di Campoluzzo, Italy, -32,1°C in Czechia /, -26,9°C in Slovakia /, -35,5°C in Hungary /, -20,5°C in Serbia / or -25,1°C in Greece /


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Author: marekkucera
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