Siberian winter should return in early March 2021

While this week will be in easternmost parts of Central Europe still very cold, in eastern Poland probably under -25°C for the third time this winter / and then, until the end of February 2021, warm weather is expected, as we announced in the last article, Siberian winter should return into eastern parts of Central Europe at the start of March 2021!

For now, frosts around -20/-25°C should surprise Poland, Slovakia and Romania during the first March 2021 days and in Baltic states, Ukraine, Belarus and mid-latitudinal Russia it should be even colder, not far from Moscow up to -40°C!

Regionally, in eastern half of Europe, remnants of Siberian winter in early Spring 2021 should bring March temperature records.

Until the end of February 2021, snow in Central Europe will be melted, but eastern Poland, Slovakia and Romania expect new snow cover already during the first March 2021 days.

Thanks to La nina / and return of blocking pattern or negative AO phase it should be extremely cold start of the Spring 2021 in the region, but gradually, NAO+ and very warm conditions are expected in Europe during the second half of March 2021 /a topic of the next article/.

Effect of La nina we should feel later too, e.g. in April or May 2021 in a form of late extreme frost events, what should be devastating for agriculture in hit areas.


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Author: marekkucera
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