Snow surprised South Africa, temperatures dropped to -11,3°C

After the first snowing in South Africa approximately a month ago /, the first winter Antarctic outbreak has appeared in South Africa. Coldwave has appeared almost in all countries from equator southward.

However, only in South Africa and Lesotho has appeared snowfall, in Drakensberg Mountains.

According to several weather pages, Level 5 of warnings (orange) before heavy snowfall was valid for some regions of South Africa at the start of Winter 2021.

After heavy snowfall, severe frosts already hit in populated regions. On Monday, 7. June, -7,6°C was in Shaleburn, around 1600 MASL, measured. On 5. June in Wepener, around 1400 MASL, -11,3°C was measured.

Groofontein in Namibia (cca 1400 MASL) reported on 3. June -0,6°C, Jwaneng in Botswana on 7. June +2,1°C, Siteki (above 600 MASL) in Swaziland -0,2°C at the weekend, Choma in Zambia (1200 MASL), +4,3°C on 7. June, Antsirabe, Madagascar (1500 MASL) +5,6°C at the weekend, Marrupa, Mozambique (800 MASL), +11,6°C on 7. June.

Snowfall in hit regions led to the possibility of road closures.

South Africa was experiencing with it's first significant intense snowfall and rainfall for the year in KwaZulu-Natal, Eastern Cape provinces and Lesotho according to watchers on Twitter. Temperatures have dropped below -10°C in some places.

During the next 16 days, any significant coldwaves aren´t expected in South Africa and wider region of south-African countries and unseasonably warm conditions should persist longer time.

In higher elevated basins and valleys however, morning frosts are still forecasted.

In northern, desert parts of South Africa, temperatures should still reaching more than +30°C, despite of winter season.


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