Snowing in Central Europe above 300 MASL on Friday!

Next 3 days, from Wednesday to Friday, 18.-20. November 2020 will be moving across western and central Europe powerful cold front. After frontal system, very cold air floods British Islands, continental Europe and later Balkan for a time - in basins and valleys in altitudes 300-800 MASL is expected snowing, above 500 MASL creating a snow cover!

In Scotland and basins and valleys in England and Wales should snow already from Wednesday to Thursday, but in Central Europe, snow showers or weak snowing is expected mainly on Friday, regionally, already above 300 MASL!

In places above 500 MASL, where will create a snow cover, subsequently strong frosts up to -12°C should hit, mainly in Alps, Carpathians and later in Balkan basins and valleys in air masses -5/-10°C in 850 hPa. These air masses won´t be very dry, but near clear skies strong frosts in basins and valleys and temperatures below zero in lowlands are expected (basins and valleys -6/-12°C, lowlands 0/-6°C).

This coldwave will be only start of long cold period, which should persist in Europe minimally until 15. December 2020 /;;;

First 10 days of this period, still on the front side of robust part of polar vortex, should be milder, but on the back side of the system, last November days / during the first December decade 2020 / first December half, Mkweather expect a peak of long-term coldwave with severe frosts and snowing in many parts of Europe.

Mkweather will update this cold winter forecast continuously. At the weekend, we will bring first big forecast for Christmas 2020.

A) Temperature in 850 hPa, Thursday - Saturday, 19.-21. November 2020 /

B) T850 hPa anomaly, Thursday - Saturday, 19.-21. November 2020 /

C) Synoptic situation - Wednesday to Friday, 17.-19. November 2020 /

D) Maximum and minimum temperatures from Friday to Sunday in chosen regions /

E) Expected snow snower until the end of current week /

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