Storm Barbara: up to 296,4 mm / 48 hours, 130 km/h winds in Portugal, Spain, France

Storm Barbara is shifting across Europe with northeastward direction and leave behind havoc in the form of floods and uprooted trees.

System has moved above Gran Canaria, Portugal, Spain, France and England until Wednesday and continues on its way towards southern Scandinavia, northern Germany, northern Poland and Baltic states.

In Southwestern and Western Europe was Barbara associated with extreme rainfall – in Sines, Portugal, has fallen almost 300 mm of rain / 48 hours (296,3 mm) on Tuesday and Wednesday, 20.-21. October 2020, and in Portalegre has dropped 209,4 mm / 24 hours on Tuesday, with widespread flooding effect. Castello Branco has reported 238,8 mm / 72 hours since Monday.

In Spain, 134 mm / 24 hours has fallen on Tuesday in Valencia de Alcántra, and 127,5 mm in Cerverade Pisverga.

Wind gusts has reached the highest values in France – in Socoa meteorologists has measured 130 km/h, in Toulouse 112 km/h, in Aurillac 108 km/h and in Lyon 101 km/h.

In Spain, 126 km/h has been recorded in Jerez de la Cabelles, 119 km/h in Huelva or 104 km/h in Madrid.

Capel Curig in the UK reported 93 km/h winds on Tuesday.

Meanwhile in Western and Northwestern Europe bad weather has prevailed, eastern parts of France, Central Europe and Balkan has enjoyed Indian summer-like weather with morning frosts in the eastern regions and summer temperatures in western regions. In Greece however, floods and tornadoes has appeared. Indian summer and frosts in Europe and floods with tornadoes in Greece will be topics of the next articles on Mkweather.

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Author: marekkucera
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