Summer in Antarctica: -60,3°C – only 4,2°C warmer as all-time monthly continental record

While in last summer (2019/2020), record high temperature, +18,3°C / 64.9°F was during strong El-nino measured in Antarctica, Summer 2020/2021 is different, with peking La nina pattern and extremely low temperatures across the continent.

About anomalously cold weather in Antarctica in the middle of the summer we have informed already in January 2021 / and now, we should bring another extremely cold news.

It is still summer in Antarctica, but in Dome Fuji, minimum temperature dropped on Monday, 22. February 2021 only to -60,3°C, what is only 4,2°C fro the coldest February temperature in continent ever!

Cold weather pattern continues, similarly, such as continues climate change in the region, with shockingly – decreasing temperature trend over continent, Southern Ocean and parts of Southern Hemisphere.

Antarctica therefore is becoming the largest global warming hole in the system, with many negative climate feedbacks, supporting autoregulation of Earth´s climate including growth of sea ice area above Southern Ocean thanks to melted fresh water from the continent.

Frozen Southern Ocean then is bringing colder temperature anomalies acorss region thanks to lower albedo and untraditionally strong coldwaves epizodically hit parts of continents in Southern Hemisphere, according to estimates mainly southern and western South America (Patagonia, Chile) or southwestern Australia (mainly Perth region), sometimes too SE Africa (Mozambique, Eswatini), where are warming trends the smallest.

Possible cold records should surprise continent during Spring 2021, too, because strong La nina is expected still, but during the Winter 2021 (JJA), transition to neutral ENSO phase, and in Spring 2021 (SON) and Winter 2021/2022 (DJF) to El nino is expected, with warmer conditions in southern continents.

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