Summer-like heatwave (up to 111°F / 44°C) in Southwestern USA until 10. October, rains should bring later ex-hurricane only to the northern areas, wildfire risk at an extreme levels

Southwestern USA expects extremely hot weather during the first October decade. In southern California temperatures will reach up of to 111°F / 44°C during early October and similar temperatures should be measured in northern parts of California during first October days, too.

Extremely hot weather is expected in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah too, same as in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia in Canada.

Eastern half of the USA experiences with a powerful coldwave until 5. October, then hot air from the West will start to shift over Northern USA, Midwest and Northern Plains, still with cold air over central Canada.

Situation in Southwest will be bad, becasue summer-like temperatures and extreme drought, in large parts with any rain can make current wildfire situation in the region even worse.

Some rains are expected only around 10. October, linked with ex-hurricane, which is forming at the end of September easterly form Mexico and should shifting towards north Californian or Oregon coast during next decade.

Burned area in record wildfire year 2020, which now reaches more than 4,7 millions of acres land in California, will be very probably higher and should exceed 6 millions acres during the October.

26 people lost their lives during wildfire season 2020 in Western USA and this number can arise during the next weeks. If you live in the region, watch current warnings and meteo news, for better preparedness of unexpected fire events.

Infographics: Predicted maximum temperatures in region until 10. October 2020 and Accumulated Precipitation and Maximum Wind Gust until 15.10. 2020 /

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