Surprise or disappointment? What will bring next workweek in Poland?

The UK, France, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Czechia, Slovakia or Hungary – all these coutnries should be with extreme Siberian winter conditions of current coldwave and mainly, long-term fallen temperature records very satisfied.

In the UK, the coldes February temperatures for 66 years were measured / and in England, the lowest February temeprature ever was observed /

In the Netherlands, France, parts of Germany or Denmark, the coldest times since 2012 have arrived /;;;

In southern Norway an probably too Czechia, the coldest temperatures since Beast from the East 2018 were measured /; In Slovakia, the coldest times since 2017 have arrived /

Finally, in Hungary, all-time national temperature record was possible / (if recognized).

There are however 2 countries, where frosts wasn´t so extreme – Poland, with minimum temeprature “only” -26,1°C from the start of coldwave /, Austria, with “only” -23,7°C on Sunday, 14. February 2021 ( and -29,4°C in the mountains.

In Poland, only -19,6°C was on Sunday measured in southwestern border of the country and it´s a question, if -26,1°C from the start of coldwave will be overcame on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday – on Monday on the west, on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday on the east of the country.

Temperature still should surprise, in case, if extremely dry air will shift above Carpathian basins, but there is a possibility, that -29,7°C form Biebrzy, January 2021 will be the Polish winter TOP temperature / – the lowest temperature since 2010.

Poland was long time situated on the front side of anticyclone in very cold, but humid air, while western and southern parts of Central Europe reported in very dry sector on the back side of anticyclone extreme frosts.

During the next nights, extremely dry air will be quickly shifting above Poland to the east and there should be surprise, but too a disappointment from measured temperatures.

However, at all, Poland experiences thanks to La nina /, negative AO phase / and very long Major SSW in the Winter 2020/2021 one of the codlest winter times in this millennium.

Thanks to cold-set circulation parameters, extreme frosts should return into continental Europe until the March 2021, therefore stay warm and stay watch weather with us /

Expected shift of extremely cold air mass from west to the east during the next workweek /

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Author: marekkucera
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