The 1st peak of Summer 2021 is confirming: The Spain +45°C, Italy, France and Greece +40°C, Balkan +38°C, Central Europe +36°C, the UK +32°C, Sweden +30°C

Between 14.-19. June 2021 the first, after 23. June 2021 in Iberia already the second big heatwave, are forecasted for Europe by model GFS since late May 2021 and all extreme outputs are confirming.

Heatwave hits British Islands and continental Europe around 14.-16. June 2021, in Balkan, Eastern Europe and Turkey it should persist until 19. June 2021. Then, extreme cooldown with ground frosts is still forecasted.

However, after cooldown, in the Spain and Portugal already around 23. June, in continental Europe maybe after 25. June, the next powerful heatwave should come, and around 21. June, short and weaker warming up is possible.

In the Spain and Portugal, temperatures up to +42°C should produce the next, and up to +45°C the second forecasted heatwave.

In France, temperatures up to +40°C are possible, similarly such as in Italy and later Greece.

Central Europe - Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary should see supertropical +36°C, what are record breaking temperatures for the region.

Benelux, Poland and Ukraine should see +34°C, England +32°C and southern Sweden +30°C.

Baltic states, Belarus, Finland, Norway and Ireland will be the coldest, with national TOPs between +25/+30°C.

Extremely cold will be in Iceland, with possible frosts and daily temperatures only around +10°C, maximally up to +15°C.

Until the end of current week, be careful before the storms, mainly in Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Black sea region (Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Armenia) /

According to the newest outlooks, hot weather should persist into July 2021, too / - especially in continental Europe.

The first peak of Summer 2021 is therefore before us - enjoy it and carefully consider your plans associated with vacation.

Hot weather should be still linked, or alternated by severe storms (storms cells within hot air mass or along cold front), therefore watch current forecasts, news and warnings.



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