The coldest Earth for 7 years? Strong impact of La-nina is here

Global temperature anomaly is currently near the lowest values for last 7 years – until 2014!

Not only extreme winter in Northern Hemisphere /;, but too anomalous conditions in Southern Hemisphere / should be a result of very strong peak of La nina, which was forecasted earlier /

La nina is associated with cold SST (sea surface temperatures) around the globe, what has significant impact to air temperatures across both hemispheres.

Only one significantly extreme warm region on the Earth was in January 2021 in Canada, warm was across Sahara desert and Eastern Mediterranean, too.

Many other continents and theit big parts including Asia, Europe, Australia, Antarctica, South America or southern Africa reported in January cold, regionally extremely cold conditions.

The most coldest was in Siberia and Antarctica, therefore we should notice, that impact of La-nina should be very strong mainly to the most coldest, continental regions on the Earth.

However, in the Arctic, a process of Arctic Amplification is continuing during La-nina too, what is a possible reason together with AO- and NAO phases) of extremely warm conditions in Canada.

Australia and southern Africa were cooled by severe activity of cyclones, Europe by Siberian blasts.

Very similar situation we had on the Earth during anomalous winters 2010 or 2012 – many temperature records from these winters were during ongoing cold planetary event overcame since late December 2020.

Next records which were last weeks often overcame, were records from period around 2001-2002 or from the end of 80-ies. During these years, strong La-nina appeared, too.

In February 2021 La nina will be peaking, therefore, next severe coldwaves across the world are still expected.

Since Spring 2021, situation will be probably better and in the second half of the Summer 2021 and in Autumn 2021, “hot” El nino should appear according to IRI/CPC. According to CFS however, La nina should stay here until the end of the year 2021.

La nina – current status


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