The earliest snow in New York metropolitan area in all-time history

For last 127 years, there has not been an accumulating snow recorded at the Freehold weather station in Monmouth county, New York metropolitan area, New Jersey, in the first half of October. This the earliest accumulating snow recorded in Monmouth County is dated to 20. October 1940, when station reported 1 inch of snow.

But early October 2020, this status has changed almost for long 20 days in calendar and in Monmouth County was snowing!

First snowing has been reported at the end of work-week from Michigan and Wisconin, too /

Recorded early cooldown is in memory of meteorologists from early September, when “summer blizzard” hit mainly Colorado and Wyoming /

Early autumn shots should be linked with predicted good winter conditions mainly in November and first half of next winter, as we forecasted in Mkweather Autumn 2020 and Winter 2020/21 forecasts during last months /;;

Coldwave in eastern parts of US will be continue on Monday and returns on Thursday and Friday 8.-9. October 2020. Last 7 days has occured in all-eartern half of the USA a lot of minimum temperature records (video down from

After 10. October, region is waiting an Indian summer period /

Snow cover in Monmouth county, New York metropolitan area, New Jersey /
Temperature records in the USA in last 7 days /

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