The first phases of Indian summer in Europe already between 25. September – 5. October 2021?

Although a cooldown around 30. September 2021 is still very probable, before this cold front and after it should appear sunny and warm periods in Europe – in central parts with a possibility of summer days, with maximum temperatures above +25°C, in the Mediterranean with tropical days, above +30°C and in southern Turkey even up to +37°C.

Mainly in European mid-latitudes is the weather like this called such as Indian summer.

2 warm spells should arrive after severe coldwave of these days, with rare snowfall below 1000 MASL, frosts, and very low maximum temperatures in parts of Europe /

Already at the end of this week, temperatures around +27°C will appear in western France and +25°C is possible in England.

Gradually, between Sunday, 26. September – Tuesday, 28. September 2021, all Central Europe should enjoy very warm summer weather, with maximum temperatures +25/+29°C (!) in many lowlands and lower situated basins (up to 400 MASL), near foehn winds in Alpine and Carpathian region maybe higher.

Cooldown should surprise mainly northern and western parts of European mid-latitudes around Wednesday and Saturday, 29. September – 2. October 2021.

Summer temperatures +25/+28°C, in Hungary maybe +30°C (!) should return in Central Europe until 5. October 2021.

Spain and Portugal should report tropical days up to +33°C, Italy and Balkan hot +35°C, and southern Turkey up to +37°C during the period.

Time for cheap, late-season vacation in the hottest parts of the Mediterranean will be temporarily favorable, while in continental Europe, harvest should be collected.


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Author: marekkucera
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