The first snow in Scotland and possible frosts up to -4°C! England hits severe storms with 130 km/h wind gusts!

Only in the last article, we wrote about a severe blizzard, which hit Iceland at the end of September 2021 /

Strong cooldown already hit Scotland, too – Aonach Mor, 1130 MASL, reported on 29. September 2021 maximum temperature only +2,7°C and in Highlands appeared the first snowfall, locally up to 10 cm!

Immediately after snowfall came the first frosts – on 29. September in Kimbrace, -0,7°C and on 30. September -1,4°C in Aboyne, was measured.

The next mornings in the UK should be even colder, in Scotland with an absolute peak from the coldwave around -2/-4°C – the coldest temperatures are forecasted for Sunday and Wednesday, 3. and 6. October 2021, so far. Some forecasts are saying even about a possibility of -7°C /

In Scottish valley, minimum temperatures are decreasing often deeper, than GFS is showing, with a difference of about 3-4°C between outputs and reality.

England moreover at the weekend hits severe storms, with heavy rains and southeastern England will be hit by extremely strong winds up to 80 mph / 130 km/h, including a region of East London, therefore if you plan outdoor activities in the region, be careful.

In Plymouth, Southampton, and London regions, 20 – 50 mm should fall during the weekend rains and storms, with local flash floods.

The warmer period, with reaching +20°C in the warmest places in the British Islands is forecasted only between 7.-14. October 2021.


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Author: marekkucera
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