The UK: -23,0°C! The coldest night since 1995, regionally since 1940!

Parts of the UK are experiencing with the coldest days since 1940 and absolute national record of current Siberian blast was on Thursday, 11. February 2021 the coldest temperature in the UK since 1995!

Only last 2 days we informed about extremely low temperatures in the UK /;, the Netherlands /, Germany / or Czechia / It´s possible, that Thursday´s minimum temperatures across Europe were even lower /topics of the next articles/.

-23,0°C was on Thursday, 11. February 2021 measured in village Braemar, Scotland, what is the coldest temperature since 30. December 1995 and the coldest temperature in February in the UK in 66 years.

It is only 4,2°C from all-time temperature record from 1892 / 1982.

In some parts of the UK, the coldest morning since 1940 was observed.

Extremely cold weather in the UK is forecasted according to the newest outputs of GFS until the end of current week, next February weeks will be probably above zero.

Extremely cold conditions around the world are a result of very strong La nina / in combination with persisting negative phase of Arctic Oscillation / It´s a question, how much have contributed to these cold conditions decreased emissions of CO2 due to COVID-19 crisis.

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