The weather went completely crazy! Black Sea coast with tropical +31,6°C!

Anomalous jet-stream is not linked only with abnormal coldwaves across Northern Hemisphere, but in some regions, a meander of Rossby wave is turned to very northern latitudes.

It has become last week (mainly weekend) in Italy, Tunisia, Libya, Malta, Greece and Bulgaria /

Only subsequent night (Monday, 11. January), after extremely hot, tropical day in Sicily (Sunday, 10. January) / will come extreme frosts into the Alps /lower situated areas:, in Italian Alps with -39,6°C in 1700 MASL /

Series of hot weather, with all-time January hot records hit Tunisia (+33,8°C) and Matla (+25,8°C), +33,5°C has been reported from Libya and according to the newest data, +29,3°C in Créte, Grece.

Extremely hot air from Monday to Wednesday, 11.-13. January 2021 has shifted above Black sea region – Kastamonou in northern Turkey, closely to Black Sea coast, reported record +31,6°C – all-time January national Turkish record was broken by 4,1°C!

Moreover, at the night, after 21:00 was measured the hottest night temperature above 40°N in Giresun, Turkey, +29,1°C!

In southern Russia, Adler (part of Sochi) was measured almost summer +24,0°C and in Batumi Georgia, inhabitants were surprised by summer day, with maximum temperature +25,3°C.

It needs to say, that after summer and tropical winter days in the region, extreme frosts and snow comes into the region during upcoming weeks, such we described in previous articles (e.g. map of Turkey in

Turkey and Black sea region therefore is waiting a big temperature shock, therefore stay safe, warm and watching Mkweather!

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