TOP5 current weather stories from the USA from Accuweather

Regional weather conditions in the USA are a topic of Accuweather stories – we should look at the TOP5 events of these days.

1.Great Lakes are after severe storms with gusting winds up to 130 km/h and heavy downpours, in South Dakota occurred hailstorms up to 3 inches / 8cm.

2. Storm line is shifting towards Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, with the next severe storms around Sunday, 26. July, evening.

3. Midwest expects despite a cold front a severe heatwave, with peak already around Tuesday, 28. July 2021, in Dakotas, temperatures should reach 110°F / +43°C.

4. Tropical development near Florida´s coast is very probably and Tropical storm Fred brings heavy rains and possible flash floods.

5. Monsoon rains in the Southwest continue, the worst situation is expected in Arizona.

If you live in mentioned regions, watch current news, forecasts, warnings and advisories.

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Author: marekkucera
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