Tornado warnings in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi , Tennessee and Kentucky are valid

Louisiana hit the strongest hurricane ever / and furthermore, severe outbreak of tornadoes can appear after its move above land.

Tornadoes start in the outer edges of hurricanes. Once a storm is over land, the increase in surface friction can lead to twisters.

Typically they are not as long lived, and typically a little weaker, than those formed from supercells in the Central Plains.

Tornado outbreak linked with hurricane Isaias however surprised. Togerher 38 tornadoes in Mid-Atlantic and Northeast occurred up to EF3 with 233 km/h (145 mph) wind gusts, in North Carolina. This outbreak brought 26 injuries.

The next tornado outbreak, linked with ex-hurricane Laura will be the strongest in northern Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas and then Tennessee and Kentucky.

In Arkansas according to Accuweather there is still a risk of wind gusts up to 140 mph / 225 km/h and rain up to 12 inches / 300 mm with widespread floods.

Laura stays of tropical storm intensity minimally up to Monday, when it will be moving southerly from Newfoundland above Atlantic.

Infographics: Isaias tornado outbreak, expected tornado outbreak, wind gusts, rain and forecasted stormtrack of ex-hurricane Laura and latest Key messages from NOAA:

TypeTornado outbreak
DurationAugust 3–4, 2020
Tornadoes confirmed38
Max. rating1EF3 tornado
Highest winds140–145 mph (225–233 km/h)
EF3 tornado in Windsor, North Carolina.
Casualties2 fatalities, 26 injuries
Areas affectedEast Coast of the United States
Map showing tornado locations and warning areas

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