TRENDING: 3 incredible photos from Siberia during extreme peak of Winter 2020/2021

Everything has begun in Siberia – mainly Far East, where firstly, shortly after the Christmas, was measured extreme -57,5°C – the lowest temperature in Oymyakon, Pole of Cold in Northern Hemisphere, since 2002 /

Shortly after Oymyakon event, historically the highest air pressure in Earth´s history was measured in Tsetsen Uul, Mongolia (1094,3 hPa) / and extreme Siberian air started to spread across all Northern Hemisphere, such a lighting during powerful summer thunderstorm.

Firstly, extreme coldwaves hit Eastern Asia /;, but extremely cold air, over Western Siberia and Scandinavia shifted very quickly, too /

Now, temperature records are reported across all continents of Northern Hemisphere /;; and next, even stronger frosts are expected during next weeks /;;;;;

Now, we should leave weather news, extremes and warnings, for a moment, and we should to see to 3 unusual photos from Siberia from last days /published on Twitter/:

  • the first photo is catched outside near -45°C in Siberian region, with food on the table, however, in untraditional “frozen” position
  • the second photo is from regions, which have reported extreme snowfall thanks to extreme warm Arctic during the first half of the Winter 2020/2021 – studying or working in these conditions should be at least very crazy
  • third photography is from Baikal Lake, which is last years center of attention of many travelers from the world – Lake Baikal is in the winter totally frozen, therefore cars should drive across the ice cover

As we should see in the photos, extreme Siberian winter should bring untraditional conditions for life, but in these photos is surely hidden a peculiar charm.

A) Food outside near -45°C / -49°F

B) Workroom during severe Siberian blizzard


C) Trip across Baikal Lake


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