UK: the coldest end of summer for 40 years, Scotland is waiting minimum -3°C and maximum +9°C

Record-breaking day is ahead of the UK - temperatures in cold air up to -2°C in 850 hPa could dropped up to -3°C in Scotland. Moreover, day will be so extremely cold, that meteorologists from Met Office expects maximum temperature lower than +9,1°C (record from Cromdale, Scotland, 2011, in Scotland.

Northern and western parts of England and Wales are expecting minimum temperatures up to +2/+3°C and ground frosts and daily maximum temperature in London won´t be higher than +16°C.

Powerful cold blast hits Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal too, with regional temperaure anomalies from long-term average in northern Spain more than -8°C.

It will be the coldest Bank Holiday weekend from 1971 in the UK.

On the other hand, eastern and southeastern part of Europe are reporting extreme heatwave / and central parts bothers severe storms /

Next coldwave hits British Isles after Wednesday in second half of the coming week, after next windstorm linked with arrival ex-hurricane Laura to Europe /

Infographics - expected temperature anomalies, pressure/precipitation situation (its not Azores but Greenland high!) and expected minimum and maximum temperatures over the territory on Sunday:

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