Unexpectedly strong hurricane Genevieve in Mexico, almost Category 5! Warnings for California expected

Already on Sunday we have informed, that new tropical storm 12ETWELVE can intensify /https://mkweather.com/2020/08/16/category-4-hurricane-already-on-tuesday-above-west-mexico-then-california-coast// up to category 4, although only one from forecast models have predicted strength of category 4 and other forecast models only category 3.

Now, hurricane category 4 Genevieve above west coast of Mexico still intensifying and forecast models counts with the strength up to strong category 4, or maybe, will be reached category 5. Now, Genevieve is the strongest hurricane of the year.

"The centre of the hurricane is then forecast to move to the southwest of the southern portion of the Baja California peninsula on Wednesday night and Thursday. Weakening is forecast to begin by late Wednesday and should continue through the end of the week."

While the storm is not expected to hit land as a hurricane, warnings have been put out for parts of southern California, too.

The hurricane is also forecast to bring 1 to 4 inches (25-100 mm) of rain across portions of far southern Baja California and the southwest coast of Mexico.

Genevieve is the seventh storm so far this season and the third hurricane and second major storm after Douglas, which strengthened into a Category 4 before giving Hawaii a near-miss last month.

Documentation of hurricane Genevieve from tropicaltidbits.com:

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