Ust-Shchuger, European Russia: -51,3°C!

Extreme winter in Eastern Europe! -50°C after long-term warnings of possible 50-degree threat since January 2021 came true at the end of Winter 2020/2021 and after extreme Siberian blast in continental Europe, mass of anomalously cold air has shifted above Baltic region, Turkey and Russia.

While in Finland, -39,7°C / or in Estonia, -30,1°C / was measured and minimum from continental Europe was -44,4°C from Alpine frost valley in Switzerland /, northward from Moscow were Siberian frosts even stronger!

On Monday, 22. February 2021, in Ust-Shchuger, northeastward from Moscow, minimum temperature dropped to unbelivable -51,3°C!

In the same city, 31. December 1978, all-time European cold temperature record was measured, only -58,1°C. Therefore, we were only 6,8°C from all-time European record on Monday.

Severe frosts were reported on Sunday and Monday from Murmansk region, Kola Peninsula, too /;

While easternmost parts of Europe is still bothered by extreme winter, in continental Europe continues extremely warm weather thanks to Azores high – in Balkan, Alpine region and Germany on Tuesday has continued weather with maximum temperatures above +20°C, in Balkan locally up to +24°C /topic of the next article/.

Cold winter is still expected to return into Europe during the first half of March 2021, with possible all-day frosts in warmer regions, e.g. in states of Central Europe /

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Author: marekkucera
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